Welcome to the Sassy Law Library

We have created this library to provide our Member and the general public as a quick reference to various laws that affect the use of Recreational Vehicles, ATVs, Boats, 4WD, and other toys and equipment.

We found the need to create and share this growing collection of materials because as the Founders of SassyRV, we discovered the expensive way that regardless the price you pay, the value of your RV or other recreational equipment.

Even the value of your’s and your children’s lives, weighs merely a penny worth of thought to many operators of recreational properties and facilities from RV parks, hotels and Ski resorts, to stores, mechanics, doctors and even lawyers. Cite; people and companies that you may encounter in your travels, don’t care about your safety.

For us, the defining moment, the call to action to make this resource, was being stuck under a tree belonging to Thousand Trails, in South Jetty, near Florence, Oregon. The story will give you instant insight, why we took this approach to arming the rest of the RV Nation. Because we actually do care about not just our Members, but every citizen of the RV Nation.

While also working with governments across the nation to force public reporting of accident reports for all on property accidents, perform on property guest safety inspections, and increase citations to property owners found heartlessly endangering their own guests due to reckless and often flagrant disregard for loss of human life or property damage. Practices which lead to negligent maintenance and other dangerous slack or lack of performance in duties owed to their customers and guests.

That’s where we started, then we realized the need for this help is greater, because many citizens of the RV Nation are seniors and ‘Elder Abuse’ is also a real problem. So, here we go, materials that will help in many circumstances, all FREE. Best wishes.


Ambassador Rodgers, Ret. & Marileen
Keetoowah ‘Cherokee’ Ambassador General, United Nations
Peace Keeper and Protector of the Ancient Ones
Co-Founders:  8411.SassyRV.com